The School of Medical Technology celebrated their Medtech Days last October 8th and 9th. The theme of their celebration this year was “Quality Education Leading to Globally Competitive Medical Technologists”. On the first day of the event October 18th, a free Glucose Testing and Blood Typing was conducted by the 3rd Year Medtech students headed by their adviser Professor Arturo Irinco Jr.  Some members of the EAC community and parents/guardians of our students from Aguinaldo International School were the early birds who availed of the free glucose testing and blood typing.

In the afternoon of the same day, an interesting and informative seminar on Biosafety was held at the Main Auditorium and this was sponsored by ESCO LAB. The seminar was well attended and faculty, staff and students from different schools showed their support for this event.

The following day, an Acquaintance Party was held at the Main Auditorium, to inspire, encourage and delight the students and faculty. This party also served as a way for the students to have new perspectives, to renew their minds and to improve attitudes. We would like to commend Dean Cesar Mendoza Jr., Prof. Antonio Laude, the OIC of the School of Medical Technology, the faculty and staff and most of all the MedTech students who made this event a successful one.