The Cultural show staged by the students of the School of Medicine created a mark in the cultural scene of Emilio Aguinaldo College. The diverse, animated and lively dance presentations dazzled and enlivened the audience who were stomping, swaying and chanting while the performers on stage mesmerized everyone. Musicals and choreographed performances during these celebrations are occasions to activate forms of cooperation within the EAC community. These demonstrate kinship and at the same time establish camaraderie. To witness this extraordinary collaborative effort of the Filipino and Indian students who brilliantly intertwined traditional Indian and Filipino dances was truly magnificent and heartwarming. Every move, every step showed passion and intensity that conveyed multiple messages about the relations that the groups maintain with each other. In a context that brings culture and education through music and dance, the superlative show was able to explore the transformative impact of strengthening the bonds of unity and cooperation among the students.

“It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a team of people to produce a show”.

Congratulations to the School of Medicine headed by their dean, Dr. Asuncion A. Morido, her brilliant, cooperative group of doctors, and her hard-working staff for this great show. Heartfelt thanks to our students from India, Maldives and Nepal and of course our very own Filipino students for this wonderful presentation. The grand prize winner was Team Divergent, a group of Filipino and Indian students who brilliantly fused our folk dances such as the Singkil to the Indian traditional dances, such a breath-taking performance that tugged at the heart strings. The second prize winner was the group of the Spice Girls, a presentation from the Maldivian students whose costumes are a work of art and their masterful combination of music and graceful movements that were so compelling. The third prize went to Homogenius, a group who presented an eclectic, energetic number that literally brought the house down.

Reflecting on this diversity of performances, the significant heritage of each country gave us illuminating moments and offered us bright glimpses of their unique culture and tradition.