In recent years, international relations among colleges and universities have broadened significantly. To keep up with the challenges presented by globalization, Philippine educational institutions are trying their best to establish collaborations and agreements with international colleges and universities.

Emilio Aguinaldo College believes that these dynamic academic exchanges also become cornerstones in building diversified learning environment, in helping students be internationally knowledgeable, and become reflective, skilled learners. For over two decades now EAC has explored this multi-faceted phenomenon and has established many linkages and collaborations with several international colleges and universities.

On November 27, 2018, the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) headed by its Director General, Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane , together with eight Nepalese administrators and officers of ENSSURE project in Nepal and the President of the Chamber of Industries in Morang, Bhim Prassad  Ghimire as well as the president of the Federation of Grill and Steel Fabricator in Nepal, Mohan Katuwal conducted an institutional visit to EAC as part of their Philippine itinerary. This visit aims to familiarize the participants with TVET in the Philippines, on how private and public institutions handle their operations especially in the apprenticeship and on- the- job training matters.

Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos, the president of EAC and Honorary Consul of Nepal formally welcomed the participants and gave them an orientation about Emilio Aguinaldo College, its vision, mission and the different programs that are being offered by the institution. After the meeting, a short program was held at the EAC Boardroom where Dr. Marilou Pamintuan, the head of the School of Midwifery and Care-giving gave a brief talk about the programs and trainings of her department. Also present in this event was Dr. Macario Maglutac Jr., the Dean of the School of Dentistry who also presented the programs and trainings based on current best practices in the key areas and key elements of his department. The participants posed many relevant questions to Dr. Maglutac and Dr. Pamintuan signifying their keen interest in the programs that they have presented.

The event was a success as all the parties involved went home with key takeaways and learnings. It is hoped that the relationship forged will prove beneficial for everyone who was involved.