Christmas, season of joy, season of giving. A time to see the world and acknowledge life with thanks and focus on what we all have as a community. A time to connect with each other, strengthen and solidify relationships with friends, family and co- workers.

The EAC community in keeping with its tradition held its Christmas party last December 11, Tuesday. The program began with a mass celebrated by Father Rollin Flores, who delivered a very touching homily about the lost sheep.  After the mass Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos , president of Emilio Aguinaldo College welcomed all the attendees and delivered a short meaningful Christmas message. After a gentle prodding Atty. Paulo Campos also delivered his Christmas message while Mr. Danny Dolor, Chairman of the UPSI was listening on the sidelines with a pensive look on his face.

After the first part of the program, hefty lunch was served and then parlor games followed by singing, dancing and raffle prizes galore. Throwing restraint to the wind, some of our colleagues sang their hearts out (albeit off-key) for a few hundred bucks while others joined the dancing spree as if there’s no tomorrow, all in the spirit of fun. Christmas is one time of the year when bigger is better and gaudy is good as can be gleaned from the outfits chosen by some, giving a new definition to the motif “Throwback 80’s”.

Togetherness and camaraderie reigned supreme on that occasion; even just for a day generosity ruled our interactions and made us realize how people can harness the power of community to achieve long lasting change in ourselves and others. Let’s remember that peace on earth starts with peace in our hearts. Amidst the hustle and the bustle, the stress and the strain, take time to be good to yourself and to others.